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Kitty Brown Selfie
Kitty Brown Takes Selfie
Kitty Brown, Vic Venture and Black Suit
Kitty Brown's Car
Kitty Brown's Car
Kitty Brown
The Parker Brothers
The Parker Brothers robbing the local bank
The Parker Brothers
Kitty Brown's Jezra M
Cheif of Police
Jezra M
Kitty Brown's ABM
ABM makes getaway
Kitty Brown's Juicy Jones
Juicy heads to her secret lab
Juicy Jones

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Buffalo Soldier Comicbook Series

Buffalo Soldier

His name is Tom Wilson, a corporal with the United States 10th Cavalry out of Fort Concho, Texas. To the Indians, he was a "Buffalo Soldier", known for his dark brown skin, and thick, tightly curled hair, but most of all, for his courage. These are his adventures.

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